About Spain

You will find that Spain is an incomparable place to learn Spanish through a complete immersion Spanish program. For the Spanish language learner Spain provides a variety of fun and fascination that few countries can match. With its abundance of colorful fiestas and never-ending nightlife, its complete spectrum of scenery, and its well preserved heritage, Spain is one of the world’s favorite destinations.

It is an excellent place for you to learn Spanish, as the quality of the Spanish language schools is outstanding. Language Link offers a variety of locations - Madrid and its incomparable nightlife, Barcelona and its artistic style, Seville and its Andalusian charm, Córdoba and its rich history, San Sebastián and its European flair, the charm of Valencia, and the magic of Granada.

The people of Spain are relaxed and fun-loving, the beaches long and sandy, the food and drink full of regional variations, and the climate is generally sunny. For the Spanish language learner, there are forty million people who actively speak the Spanish language. Geographically it is quite diverse, with the beaches of Barcelona and San Sebastián, the central plains of Madrid, and the sun-warmed hills of Sevilla and Córdoba in the region of Andalucía.

Culturally, it is filled with everything from Roman aqueducts to Moorish castles. Some of the world’s greatest art and architecture is here, and the country vibrates with many kinds of music.

A common question is about the difference between Spanish as spoken in Latin America and the Spanish as spoken in Spain.  There are small differences in regional vocabulary, and one difference in pronunciation.  CI and CE in Spain are pronounced as “th” instead of S, so plaza is said as platha, and gracias will sound like grathias. Barcelona becomes Barthelona.  It’s a very small change to which you can easily adjust.  The Spanish which is taught in all our programs in Spain will be a standard, classic Spanish with grammar and vocabulary which will comfortably take you everywhere in the Spanish speaking world.

Come to Spain to learn Spanish with Language Link!