Spanish Programs for Teachers

If you are a classroom teacher of Spanish, in a bilingual classroom, or a teacher seeking cultural enrichment, Language Link can offer you many opportunities.

If you need units, such as continuing education units, to move you up on a pay scale, all our schools can provide you with full documentation of study and a certificate of attendance. This information may be sufficient for you to receive the recognition you need. Please check this with your own school district, certifying agency or employer.

If you need or want transferable academic credit through a U.S. accredited university, it is also available in all the schools.  Please see the Academic Credit/College Students section for a full description of obtaining academic credit.

Even if you are at an advanced level of Spanish, all our programs can offer you challenging and worthwhile classes. We have many classroom Spanish teachers, as well as college professors of Spanish, as students. The higher level group classes cover topics such as literature, in-depth cultural considerations, advanced grammatical nuances and contemporary trends in the language. In any of our programs private classes can be requested, and these are often the perfect solution for very specific needs such as advanced literature or culture.

If you want an intensive class specifically for Spanish teaching techniques we recommend the following.  For each school look under Program Description and see fees under the Fee Schedule.  Most programs have specific start dates which you will need to note, and all require at least a high intermediate level of Spanish.

Some of the schools have programs which can be added in the afternoons to regular morning classes.  These courses are usually designed for non-native Spanish speakers.

IMAC of Guadalajara, Mexico

I.D.E.A. of Granada, Spain

IH Barcelona of Barcelona, Spain

Lacunza of San Sebastian, Spain

CLIC of Seville, Spain

Españolé of Valencia, Spain