About The School

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About Oaxaca

Oaxaca City, the capital of the state of Oaxaca, a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site, owes its fame to the beauty and harmony of its architecture, the richness of its cultural traditions, the wide variety of its typical foods, and its soft temperate climate, spring-like throughout the year.

The Spaniards laid out the city with a Plaza Central or Zócalo (Square), oriented by the cardinal points, and established according to ancient symbols.  The Zócalo, besides being one of the most beautiful of all Mexico, is the life center of the city.

The arcades house restaurants, terraces, portals, and coffee-houses. People sit at the little tables, deep in conversation, from very early in the morning under the shade of enormous laurel trees from India.  It is common to have strolling herb vendors, healers, fried grasshopper sellers and artisans. 

The Oaxaca temples and churches are the most lavish of Mexico, many made of green quarry stone.  For this reason, some have called Oaxaca the city of the green temples and everyone admires the marbled effect acquired by churches after a rainy afternoon as the sun reappears.

The city’s museums have many regional treasures, such as the jewels of the Tumba 7 (Seventh Tomb) of Monte Albán and fine art.  Oaxaca has one of the richest and varied art and artisan production in Mexico.  The markets feature world renowned black pottery, the carved wooden figures known as alebrijes, and intricate weavings.  Oaxacan cuisine is famed for its native dishes and its unique style.

TRAVEL  Fly into Oaxaca City, Oaxaca.  Complimentary airport pickup provided with host family.

About The School

Becari Language School of Oaxaca is a medium sized school which has been in operation for more than 20 years.  It has two locations in the city.  Both are centrally located and can be chosen based on your homestay location.  It specializes in those not only interested in learning Spanish, but also those who want to enter another culture.  Becari prides itself on careful and sustained attention to each student regardless of the level of proficiency, and it accomplishes this with a staff of highly qualified, experienced  teachers.  At the schools there is internet access, wi fi, and the school even provides cell phones for each student for a small fee.

Style of teaching – Communicative method with much interaction by native Spanish speaking teachers with professional training, structure and conversational practice in real life situations

Levels offered – There are classes for seven levels of Spanish knowledge, from absolute beginners to very advanced students who simply want to polish their skills. Students take an exam in order to evaluate their level on their first Monday of classes.

Class size and hours –  5 students max in groups, private classes available

Materials – Provided by the school as part of your course

Academic Credit – Available for this program.

Students -  Becari students come from all over the world, over twenty nationalities. The minimum age for study is 18 or completion of high school, unless accompanied by a studying parent or adult. Children of studying parents may be accommodated in private classes. We have a wide range of ages, from college students to retirees and everything in between.

Calendar – You can start classes any Monday year round for any number of weeks.  The following dates are official Mexican holidays. There will be no make up or reimbursement for these days. Please note that if you are enrolled for private courses for a week containing one of these holidays you will only be charged half rate for this day.  January 1; March 21; Good Friday of Easter week; May 1; September 16, November 2, 20; and December 25.

Activities – There are social activities included at no cost through the school…lots of graduation fiestas!  There is also a weekly organized program at optional and reasonable cost.  These include visits to Zaachila, the ex convent of Cuilapán, Oaxaca city tour, Ocotlán market, wood carving villages, black pottery village, weaving village, Monte Albán archaeological site and others.

Also offered are eco tourism weekends and biking trips. Another activity is to include volunteer service with your study.  There is no fee to do this, and Becari works closely with several very worthwhile projects.  One of the most popular projects involves street children of the city.