How We Work

So how does the process work?

When you read about a school on our website, you can request that we send you a PDF with information about that program, just in case you want something written.  If there is anything you still want to know, all it takes is an email or phone call to us.  That's why we're advise you and make this process easy and enjoyable.  We’re good at patiently answering all your questions.

Once you’ve decided on a program, you complete the registration form for that school and submit it by email.  You give payment information for the deposit with this form, credit card information or you can tell us you're mailing a check.  Receipt of your registration form will be promptly acknowledged, and we’ll confirm with you that all the finances are calculated correctly.  When you’re in agreement, we will make your charge.  Deposits are different for each program.

You may not have your airfare arranged yet, but you can supply that to us later. We then contact the school, make all requests and set up your program.  When this is confirmed with the school you will be sent a complete confirmation.  This will show your deposit paid, your balance due, and how your balance is paid.  Most often the balance is paid on your first day at the school.  The confirmation will tell you what to pack, the best ways to communicate with home, insurance, health tips, all contact information for the school, airport pickup details…in brief, everything you need to know before you go.

We may have your lodging details to send at the same time.  If not, those details will be sent several weeks before your arrival.  In the meantime we’re always here for more questions, and you can never ask too many.  That’s our job, as we want you to be fully prepared in every way for your trip to ensure your success. Just before you arrive we reconfirm arrangements with the school so that everything will go smoothly.

Your school will have an orientation session with useful information about the school and your surroundings. The week you return we will send you an evaluation form, as we're always anxious to hear about your adventure and your advice for other students.  That’s how we keep our standards high and keep improving the experience.