About The School

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The city of Guadalajara is especially interesting for those who want to study within Mexico. It is known for its reputation of the warmth of its people, traditional hospitality and true Mexican identity. Learning Spanish in Guadalajara, a city over 465 years old and a bastion of colonial Mexico, is an unforgettable cultural experience. It is a historic city with a modern outlook, a delight to every Spanish student.

Guadalajara, “The Pearl of the West,” Capital of Jalisco and Mexico’s 2nd largest city and is one of the largest urban centers in North America. The city has deep colonial roots which are evident everywhere around the city. The city center is laid out like a cross, which consists of the cathedral and four surrounding plazas.

The climate in the area is very mild year round, and the temperatures throughout the year range from lows of around 68 degrees to highs around 92 degrees during the summer.

The area is the birthplace of mariachi music, and the city hosts an annual mariachi bash in September. Aside from mariachi music, there is a vibrant music scene in the city. There are plenty of clubs and venues, where a whole array of different varieties of music are played. Guadalajara’s dining and nightlife scene is world class.

If you travel a mere 5 miles away from Guadalajara, you will find Tlaquepaque, one of Mexico’s most important art centers.  Shop to your heart’s delight for pottery, blown glass, woodwork, furniture….the best of Mexico.

TRAVEL Fly into Guadalajara, Mexico.  Airport pickup available.

About The School

The Instituto Mexico-Americano de Cultura (IMAC) is recognized as one of the finest Spanish language schools in Mexico. For students who are looking for Spanish language schools, the Spanish language programs are backed up with over 40 years of experience in language instruction and offer you the possibility of participating in one of the finest programs available. The school is 100% committed to making your time of studying Spanish in Guadalajara, Mexico, as memorable and educationally productive as possible.

IMAC is the only language school in Mexico to hold accreditation by the following:  Instituto Cervantes/The Ministry for Education of Spain, the Secretary of Education of Mexico, Accredited DELE testing center, Bildungsurlaub accredited in eight German federal states, CENNI: National Language Level Certification, only Spanish language school accredited by the government of Mexico.

The school is located in the Centro Histórico of Guadalajara, within walking distance of many major attractions.  It is a large, attractive, multipurpose building with well-equipped classrooms, an auditorium, a small café, and a multimedia laboratory with internet availability.

Style of teaching – Communicative method with much interaction by native Spanish speaking teachers with professional training

Levels offered – All levels accommodated.  You will be given a placement test and speaking evaluation at the start of your course.

Class size and hours – Maximum group size 6, private classes available.  Classes are 9 to 1 with the next hour for cultural exchange or multimedia laboratory.

Materials – On loan with refundable deposit or for purchase

College Credit – Transferable academic credit may be earned at IMAC at no extra cost. Since 1977 IMAC has been accredited by the Mexican Board of Education and the Secretariat of Foreign Relations. Because of this accreditation, almost all foreign universities will honor these credits. Upon request the school can document their standing with your college or university. It is always important for students to have transfer approval from their own college or university before beginning study.  IMAC grants six credit hours for 120 hours of group contact classroom instruction or for 80 hours of private instruction. This is the equivalent of one credit hour per week (20 hours) of group classes for the beginner course. The intermediate and advanced group classes are taught at an accelerated rate, and students receive six credit hours for 80 hours of group contact classroom instruction or 53 hours of private instruction. Course descriptions and titles can be tailored to your needs. For advanced cultural courses, students must take private instruction.

Students -  Minimum age 16.  Students range in age and come from many countries.

Calendar – You can start classes any Monday year round, except holidays, for any number of weeks. Private tutoring may begin at any time and you may choose the amount of hours/days you wish to take. 

2018 Holidays (no classes or makeups): January 1; February 5; March 19; Easter Holiday March 25 to April 1; May 1; September 16; November 19; Christmas Vacation December 23, 2018 to January 1, 2019

Activities  - Free salsa lessons twice weekly, karaoke club, free guitar lessons (you provide the guitar), special orientation meeting welcoming you to Guadalajara, unlimited internet use and of 25 interactive Spanish learning programs in multimedia lab, and wi fi availability

There are optional excursions offered for visits such as a tequila factory, an archeological site, and to nearby towns including Tlaquepaque.  These visits have reasonable costs and include transport and guide.