Families who study together present an exceptional opportunity for not only educational benefits, but also a wonderful bonding experience.  Language Link has many years of successfully placing entire families in our Spanish programs, carefully selecting the program which is right for them.

Your choice of program depends on several factors, primarily the ages of your children and your choice of lodging. There are many options.  Following are schools which are best suited for the study of an entire family.  Please see Program Descriptions for each school, as well as fees in each school’s Fee Schedule.  Some programs may not state a specific family program, but their overall programs can be adapted to any ages.  If the school offers a teen program on your same dates, your teen can easily be incorporated into this program while the rest of the family takes regular classes.  You can see our Teens section to see which schools offer teen programs.  The links below will give ideas, but we would be pleased to advise you personally on the best choice for your own family.  Contact us at 800.552.2051 or info@langlink.com.

Spanish Language Institute of Cuernavaca, Mexico – We have hosted many families of all ages in this program.  It is always a winner with everyone.  Children can either be grouped with other children at regular group fees or in a semi-private program for more individual attention.  The school’s excursion program is well suited for families, and there are lovely, large homes for a host family stay, some with swimming pools!

Conversa of Santa Ana, Costa Rica – Separate classes for children age 6 and up on a beautiful campus with many facilities for children to enjoy.  We recommend the terrific on-site school lodging to host a family, with all meals served at the school.

ILISA of San José, Costa Rica – Special discounted prices on classes and lodging for children

Intercultura of Heredia, Costa Rica – There are no children’s classes available, but if your child is between 14 and 17 and you can study on certain summer dates, your teen can be included in a teen program with the weeks in Heredia and at the school’s beach location.  You can study in the regular program, scheduled to coincide with the same locations.

Simón Bolívar of Quito, Ecuador – Very reasonably priced private classes which can be suited to all ages.  The afternoon active program can be scheduled so that all the family participates together.  A great adventure for children ages 8 and up is the Spanish Amazonia program in the jungle.

IH Riviera Maya of Playa del Carmen, Mexico

PLFM of Antigua, Guatemala – Students of 7 years of age and up can be hosted in private classes adapted to age and interests.  We recommend the half day program for very young students.  We can arrange bilingual day care for those too young for classes.  A host family can host the entire family, but homestays are at a non-luxury basic level in Antigua.  Tikal is a great trip for a family.

Programs in Spain    
All our programs in Spain are geared toward 17 and up. The exceptions are younger children who would be studying in private classes.  In Spain we have had families study with very young children (even infants), and we have successfully arranged nanny services in these cases.  If you have a teenager, they can easily be included in special teen programs on specific start dates, while the rest of the family is in the regular program.

CLIC of Seville, Spain – A wonderful teen (ages 13-17) program where we have successfully sent many students

Lacunza of San Sebastian, Spain – A very popular location for summer programs for teens and children ages 5-17.