Spanish Programs for Executives

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world." - L. Wittgenstein

In an executive position, your Spanish needs often require different programs to achieve your goals, and you may have limited time. We recommend very specific  private programs which can be customized to suit your specific needs. These are also programs which can be split into 2 to 3 time blocks which may better accommodate your schedule.

Accommodation for executives who are accustomed to high standards of comfort and privacy is an area of consideration.  There are special lodging choices for our executive students.  In schools where we recommend a homestay for executives, the host families assigned are not the average family, but only those who have had experience and success in hosting executives.

Because schedules are sometimes difficult to predict, we try to keep great flexibility in scheduling executive students. In most cases we can arrange your study with short notice. Also, it is not unusual to have a spouse accompany for study. In these cases we arrange a private program for the spouse to meet his or her own needs.

With all these programs you will make fast progress, be equipped with the vocabulary you need in your work, and gain a cultural appreciation. The Spanish you learn will be a standard Spanish that can be used successfully in any Spanish-speaking country. All levels of Spanish can be accommodated in any of these programs.

Because your needs are complex, please contact us to discuss what is best for you at 800.552.2051, worldwide U.S. 309.673.9220,

For more information look at the schools below and go to the Programs & Descriptions of each school about the private program or Executive Program. The fees will be in each school’s Fees section.

Mexico - Spanish Language Institute of Cuernavaca  – This is our most highly rated program in which we have trained hundreds of executives.  It is at a very professional level of training with very experienced teachers.  Our clients in this program have included Caterpillar, Interamerican Development Bank, World Bank, Carrier Corporation, many embassies and more.  In this program we highly recommend the homestay, as for our return students, this is always requested and has proven very successful.

Costa Rica -  ILISA of San José - We recommend lodging in an aparthotel, located within walking distance of the school.

Spain - International House Barcelona  - This is the top school in the city for corporate training.  Executive level host families are available, as well as apartments.

Spain - Lacunza of San Sebastián – This award winning school is very experienced with professionals.  There are executive level host families, as well as executive level apartments.