Custom Groups

Spanish Programs for Custom Groups

Language Link offers you a very easy way to organize a custom group, whether your group is composed of professionals, graduate business students, college for academic credit, high school or middle school students…or simply a group of your friends or a local Spanish conversation group. Through the years we have successfully helped organize groups of all sorts, and we can enthusiastically help you promote your group trip through materials, videos for some schools, and finely tuned organizational details. We can also help you with airfare referrals to see that you get the most advantageous fares and any available perks. We’re great at making this very easy for you!

Some sample trips follows, but please remember that these are samples only, and w have had organized trips to almost every school.  These are two week programs with many excursions included.  Our groups usually stay from one to six weeks, and some want many excursions included, while others choose just the basics.  This is our can request the program which exactly fits your needs with any adaptation you choose.  You can also request a plan for any of our locations in Spain or Latin America or even combine locations.  It’s all possible with Language Link.

Guatemala Sample Trip at Antigua, Guatemala
Spanish classes at all levels with a private tutor, living with a Guatemalan host family, and exploring the rich Mayan culture.

Costa Rica Sample Trip at Sámara Beach, Costa Rica
Small group Spanish classes at all levels, living with a Costa Rican host family, and exploring the rich ecology and natural resources of Costa Rica.

Ecuador Sample Trip at Quito and the Amazon of Ecuador
Spanish classes with private tutors in Quito and classes in the jungle, living with an Ecuadorian host family, and a bio-ecological adventure in the Amazon Basin.

Mexico Sample Trip at Cuernavaca, Mexico
30 hours of small group Spanish classes at all levels plus additional 30 hours conversation and culture, living with a Mexican host family, and exploring the rich culture of the central mountains of Mexico in a safe and stimulating environment.

What Are The Perks for Group Directors?

All our programs can be customized to fit the format and needs of your group. And as a director or organizer of the group, you receive some benefits. Although each school may vary slightly in what it offers, the usual rule is that for each ten students enrolled in a group, the director receives complimentary tuition, as well as RT airport transportation (not airfare to the country).  Some schools offer a complimentary homestay equal to what the group participants have chosen. If you have a second group of ten participants (20 + you in the group), sometimes the school will offer a second tuition scholarship. Very often customized groups add special excursions to the package. In some of the programs, the excursions are offered free or at a reduced cost for the director.

Because of the highly customized nature of groups, please contact Meredith Popp at to discuss your possibilities. She handles most groups, will be delighted to give you references from past group leaders and talk about all the ways you can organize a successful study group adventure. It is very helpful when you contact us to tell us approximate time frame, length of trip, possible number of students, and your choice of destination(s).