About Argentina

As the largest Spanish speaking country in South America, Argentina provides a wealth of experience for you while learning Spanish.  The cafe culture has moved almost intact from Europe into the cities of Argentina, and the country's many immigrants give those cities an international and sophisticated feel. While studying Spanish abroad in Argentina, many of Language Link's students report that they feel more like they are learning Spanish in Europe than in South America.

Come explore the varied geography of Argentina, from the spectacular Andes Mountains to the subtropical rainforests of the lowland north. Incredible glaciers and their penguin inhabitants enchant travelers to the south in Patagonia. The pampas plains in the middle of the country have contributed to the culture of the gauchos, the nearly mythic Argentine cowboys.

The Andes Mountains allow opportunities for skiing and snowboarding.  With its exciting cities and beautiful locales, vibrant culture, and fascinating social dynamics, Argentina offers you a unique Spanish language learning experience.