Academic Credit

There are many college students who study Spanish through Language Link, and it can be a great experience. Many universities and colleges have a foreign language requirement for most majors. Through many of our Spanish language schools, you can receive academic credit.  Depending on how long you study, you can partially or fully complete foreign language requirements or count the courses toward humanities or elective credits. Not only will you have a very enjoyable experience, but you will gain valuable knowledge of another culture as well as work toward your degree at an affordable cost. Sometimes the cost is less than studying at your own university! You can do as short a course as three weeks, or you can do an entire semester, receiving 12 semester hour credits. Please contact Language Link about longer term stay prices if you are interested in a full semester. Especially in the Spain and Costa Rica, there are long term discounts.

All our partner schools can give you documentation of your study with a statement of contact hours, certificate of course completed and letter grade or final exam upon request. For some students this is all you need to receive credit directly through your own school, and you should investigate this possibility with your academic advisor or study abroad office.  However, if you need transferable academic credit through the sponsorship of an accredited U.S. university, you can get it at additional cost in most of our programs.

If you need credits for employment upgrades such as continuing education units, please discuss this with your current employer to see if it will be sufficient to have the Spanish school send full documentation as described above.

The following schools can grant credit directly to your institution through certification and consortiums.

IMAC of Guadalajara, Mexico – at no additional fee

Conversa of Santa Ana, Costa Rica – through a consortium for a fee

CLIC of Seville Spain – advanced course credit through Benedictine College of Atchinson, Kansas, at additional fee.  Please request information.

For all schools

If you need credit through a sponsoring U.S. accredited university, you can receive transferable academic undergraduate credit for your study at this program through an accredited college, Brookhaven College of Dallas, Texas. You can indicate that you want academic credit on your registration form, and we will send full information. The credit arrangement must be made in advance of study, and you should have prior approval from your school that the credits will be accepted. It is very important that you register through Language Link first and have us alert the accrediting personnel that you will be contacting them. We have an arrangement with them so that our students can receive credit in many of our programs.

Locations that offer credit:

· ARGENTINA: Bariloche, Buenos Aires

· CHILE: Santiago

· COSTA RICA: Heredia, San José, Sámara Beach

· PERU: Lima

· SPAIN: San Sebastián , Seville

On all our registration forms you can indicate you want academic credit.  If you prefer to wait to finalize your registration until you have fully investigated the credit situation, we can hold your reservation.  Please notify us.

Brookhaven College Credit Fees (you will pay this amount directly to Brookhaven and these fees are in addition to the school course and accommodation fees. Texas residents can receive a discount on these costs. Please note that these are approximate fees and final control and conditions from Brookhaven College apply.

3  credits, 3 weeks, $800

6 credits, 6 weeks, $800

9  credits, 8 weeks, $1,040

12 credits, 10-11 weeks, $1,040

Brookhaven College Spanish Course Descriptions and Prerequisites

Courses through Brookhaven College that are commonly taken and transfer to most 4 year colleges and universities. Please note that additional courses are offered; however, these are the most common.

· SPAN 1311 (3 Credit Hours) 

Beginning Spanish I
Course Description: This is the first semester of academic transfer Spanish. It is an introductory course intended for students with little or no knowledge of the language. Its aim is to present essential vocabulary and grammar, and to develop the pronunciation, listening, reading, and writing skills necessary for basic communication and comprehension. Customs and cultural insights are also presented.

· SPAN 1312 (3 Credit Hours) 

Beginning Spanish II
Course Description: This is the second semester of academic Spanish. This course continues the oral practice, reading, writing, grammar and cultural studies begun in SPAN 1311. Students are expected to acquire a substantial amount of vocabulary and begin to deal with idiomatic language and more advanced syntax.

· SPAN 2311 (3 Credit Hours) 

Intermediate Spanish I
Course Description: This is the third semester of academic transfer Spanish. This course is designed to further develop students' overall language proficiency and cultural knowledge through more advanced reading, listening, speaking and writing exercises. Grammatical concepts are reviewed and expanded.

· SPAN 2312 (3 Credit Hours) 

Intermediate Spanish II
Course Description: This is the fourth semester of academic transfer Spanish. This course is a continuation of SPAN 2311. The stress is on reading, composition, grammatical complexities, and intense oral practice, with continued studies of the culture.