Ecuador Sample Trip

An Exciting Sample Two Week Educational Trip to
ECUADOR including the Amazon Jungle
Spanish classes with private tutors and small group classes in the jungle, living with an Ecuadorian host family, and a bio-ecological adventure in the Amazon Basin

This trip can be shortened or lengthened and more activities added or less.  We completely customize your trip.  For academic credit this trip is usually 3 to 5 weeks.

Week One
On your own arranged flight, fly into Quito, Ecuador, for a private airport pickup. You will be delivered to Ecuadorian host families with shared rooms and where breakfast and dinner meals are included.
You will have breakfast with your host family, and they will direct you to school. (All the family houses are within walking distance of school or through easy public transport). After an orientation, you will have four hours of one-on-one classes with a private tutor from 9 – 1 at a prestigious Spanish school.  Your classes will be conversational in emphasis, with grammar reinforced through speaking, and they are appropriate for all levels of Spanish. You will have lunch each day arranged by the school. After lunch you will be in a program called Quito Activo, as you set out to explore the fascinating city of Quito, named as a Patrimony of Humanity city. This afternoon you will have a walking tour of the Centro Histórico of Quito, a colonial gem. Return for dinner with your family and socializing at home.
One-on-one classes from 9-1 So that you may learn the historic progression of the area, this afternoon you will visit a museum of PreColumbian art, the Casa del Alabado, containing more than 5,000 ancient artifacts. You will wonder at the rich archaeological past of Ecuador.
One-on-one classes from 9-1 This afternoon you will be able to have your picture taken with your feet straddling the actual equator. You’ll be at La Mitad del Mundo, the monument to the establishment of the equator, the line separating the two halves of the world. See demonstrations of water swirling in opposite directions, depending on which side of the equator you place yourself.
One-on-one classes from 9-1 This afternoon you can choose between two locations. One is the Mindalae Museo Amazónico with six display rooms with different themes, including shamanism, the Andean cosmovision, clothing, ceramics and other things of the Amazon world. Or you can choose to go to the Jardín Botánico to see the most important habitats of the flora of Ecuador, such as the rainforest and the swamps. The Orchid Room has one of the best collections of orchids in all of Latin America.
One-on-one classes from 9-1 This afternoon you also have a choice of visiting two places. The Museo de la Ciudad occupies the oldest civil building in Quito. For many years it functioned as the Hospital San Juan de Dios. The collection is a historical sampling of the origin and evolution of Quito, recalling daily life during past times through stories, legends, dress, flavors and fiestas. Or choose the view instead! Visit El Panecillo, 3,000 meters high and the division mark of the city. It is crowned by a gigantic aluminum sculpture of the Virgin of Quito.
Day trip to Otavalo– an all day excursion
Free Day with evening departure for the Amazon.  You also have the option to fly into the jungle for this portion.

Spanish Amazonía
The ultimate adventure! Five days with Spanish classes in the unforgettable Amazon Basin. The program takes place in the Yarina Lodge, located 25 miles down the Napo River from Puerto Francisco de Orellana (El Coca). The Eco Lodge is in a privately owned large forest, located near the Yasuni National Park. It is a quiet cultural area that is reserved for the indigenous Quechua and in one upper primary forest. It is one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world. Yarina is a member of the Yuturi Conservation Group, an organization managing rainforest conservation projects. They now are running one of the most renowned wildlife rescue center in the Ecuadorian Rain Forest.

Your program includes 20 hours of Spanish classes. Lodging is in a shared room, and all meals are included. Rubber boots and life jackets are provided. You will have a full activity program including learning about the medicinal plants of the rainforest, meeting a local indigenous family, a lesson in how to use a blowgun, informative rain forest walks, and more, all with local expert guides. The schedule of activities is quite flexible, depending on weather conditions and your own requests. You will travel from Quito to Coca on an overnight bus, accompanied by teachers. In Coca you will leave on a motorized dugout canoe down the Rio Napo for 25 kilometers to reach the Yarina Lodge.
Brief itinerary
Sunday 9 pm – departure on overnight bus
Monday 6:30 am – arrival in Coca for breakfast, 8 am departure for Yarina Lodge with arrival at 11 am. Check into cabins, lunch, Spanish class, dinner, night excursion
Tuesday - Friday – daily Spanish classes and afternoon excursions
Friday – 4 pm, departure to Coca. Evening in Coca before taking night bus back to Quito
You will be delivered to a centrally located hotel and enjoy a last dinner in Quito, sharing adventure stories around the table.
After breakfast at your hotel, say goodbye to Ecuador via private airport transport for your departure flight.  If you have an evening flight, your departure can be arranged on Saturday night.